Cabin Creek Quilts, LLC
Post Office Box 4996
Charleston, WV 25364

Cabin Creek Quilts: a West Virginia Treasure

By: Senator Jay Rockefeller 

In our home and throughout my Senate offices, you’ll find quilts. Beautiful, West Virginia-made quilts. My wife Sharon and I truly cherish them, partly because of how striking they are, but also because of the wonderful history she and I have with the folks who made them – artisans from Cabin Creek Quilts.

For decades upon decades, West Virginia artisans have been capturing the spirit of our great state in remarkable ways. Through hand-blown glass, woodwork, crafts and candles, they are turning everything we love about West Virginia into beautiful works of art.

To make sure that this tradition of craftsmanship continued, nearly 40 years ago, Sharon found a quilting cooperative -- Mountain Artisans, which brought together West Virginia quilters and promoted their work across the nation. Her initiative drew attention to the work that so many West Virginians were doing, and it gave them the opportunity to turn their talents into essential income for their families. 

It was through Mountain Artisans that Cabin Creek Quilts – another cooperative -- grew, and ended up flourishing. Over the years, hundreds of residents have created beautiful works of Appalachian art, and through Cabin Creek Quilts they’ve been able to sell their work in West Virginia, and all across the country. 

Today, a new owner, Rebecca Stelling, is re-energizing both Mountain Artisans and Cabin Creek Quilts. She appreciates, as do Sharon and I, that the work of West Virginia artisans is something to be treasured, but also moved forward. Under Rebecca’s guidance, the pieces made through Cabin Creek are now a bit more vibrant and contemporary – giving traditional folk art a whole new twist.

Entrepreneurship is an essential part of who we are as a state, and it continues to be an important part of our economy – which is why what Rebecca is doing is so essential. She’s promoting artisans, giving them the opportunity to do what they love most, and making their work the perfect fit for today’s more modern world. Hers is the type of vision we need in order to encourage even more entrepreneurs around our state, and to bring even more attention to our state’s creative culture. 

Folk art is, you could say, one of the most important pieces making up the patchwork of West Virginia’s history. And years ago, we knew it was something that needed to be cultivated and supported, so that it would also become a part of our state’s future. Today, both Mountain Artists and Cabin Creek Quilts have been revived – and for that, Sharon and I couldn’t be happier.